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separation notice georgia

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State of Georgia Department of Labor SEPARATION NOTICE 1. Employee s Name 2. SSN a. State any other name s under which employee worked. 3. Item 5. If any type payment i.e. Separation Pay Wages-in-lieu of Notice etc. was made indicate the type of payment and the period for which payment was made beyond the last day. Signature of Official Employee of the Employer or authorized agent for the employer Title of Person Signing Date Completed and Released to Employee OCGA SECTION 34-8-190 c OF THE...
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Who needs a Form DOL-800?

Form DOL-800, Georgia Separation Notice, must be completed by an employer for each worker who leaves the employment, regardless of the reason for the separation. This notice should not be completed when partial (DOL-408) or mass separation (DOL-402) notices are filed.

What is Form DOL-800 for?

An employer is required by the Employment Security Law to provide the employee with this document at the time of separation. This document provides all the reasons for separation. In its turn, an employee is required to take this notice to the Georgia Department Of Labor Career Center if they want to file a claim for unemployment insurance benefits.

Is Form DOL-800 accompanied by other forms?

Georgia Separation Notice, Form DOL-800, should not be accompanied by additional documents.

When is Form DOL-800 due?

Georgia Separation Notice has no validity period. It should be written out only once and kept by the employee.

How do I fill out Form DOL-800?

There are six items to be filled out in order to complete this Georgia Separation Notice:

  • Personal information on the employee;
  • Employee’s Social Security Number;
  • The dates of employee’s most recent work period;
  • Complete details of separation if they are different from the lack of work.
  • If any type of payment was made, it should be indicated with the period for which the payment was made beyond the last day.
  • The amount of salary that the employee received at the time of separation should be specified as well.

This notice must be signed by the employer or their authorized representative, and their title or position must be shown. This notice must be dated as of the date it is handed to the worker.

Where do I send Form DOL-800?

Once completed and signed, the original document must be directed to the employee a copy should be kept by the employer for their personal records.

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What is separation notice for ga?
Form DOL-800, Georgia Separation Notice, must be completed by an employer for each worker who leaves the employment, regardless of the reason for the separation. This notice should not be completed when partial (DOL-408) or mass separation (DOL-402) notices are filed.
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